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Recruiting GM/GS

Post by xpwteam » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:10 pm

Hi everybody, a mailling campain has been launched and we are glad to see that some of you are coming over :)

But we are in need of GM and GS.

We are aware that we still have some bugs running and some other things that can make a new comer a bit lost.

We'll need experienced players with PW and ideally as we have been inspired by a competitor people that have played on it before.

- GS are general help and support in game - they must have a good understanding of the game and being able to answer most common question about the server to players that are contacting them.

- GM must be able to do the same but with a 100% involvement in the game and life of the server. We of course don't expect you spending 24/7 loggued in game but we need someone motivated and who would like to see the server growing. GM would also be responsible of in game event.

Both GS and GM would have to report any bugs as most detailed as possible way. With screenshots to make things clear and as helpfull to fix. Location/instance coords, quest/npc/mob IDs, lvl/status needed for a character... as much details as possible.

If you think you can fill any of these position feel free to PM me :)

We need your help to become something bigger !

Thank you

XPW Admin

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